hello you!

I’m steph

a belfast wedding photographer and videographer for couples that want their wedding to be an incredible, laid-back and fun affair! Your wedding day is genuinely one of the best days of your life, and I feel so grateful to get to capture it for lovely people like you.

I’ll be a bonus bestie on the day and love to get involved to help things to run super smoothly. I’ll chat with your guests, drink a wee cup of tea, and keep things very relaxed, while making sure I’m capturing all of the juicy bits of the day.

I love the real moments like the hugs, the banter and the dance floor madness. I also make time to create more considered portraits because I love to make them and I know you’re going to want to share these with everyone!

You’re going to tell me you don’t like being in front of the camera aren’t you? I promise you this is so common, and I’ve got you! I’ll put you at ease and help you to relax so that your only concern is enjoying your day to its fullest!

Belfast wedding photographer


In 2013 i lost Amelia, My granny and my wee best mate.

she was such a beautiful person. So incredibly kind, she had the purest heart, and was never without a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye.

I miss the stories she’d tell me about the fellas that chased her when she was young, how she’d get her words mixed up and say something unintentionally hilarious, and her impromptu solo line dancing in the living room when she’d had a wee drink.

looking back on photos of her, I understand the importance of each photo I take for you. your photographs will mean a lot to you now, and one day they’ll mean so much more to those who love you.

old black and white photograph female portrait
old black & white wedding photograph
child with her grandmother

you want more? oh alright then.

Cookapoo sleeping with it's teeth showing

teef! I have a cockapoo called Noodles and it’s my life’s mission to make her love me more than she loves my husband.

Stephanie Joyce weddings

I’m a huge music lover and have a big stash of old gig tickets from back in the day. Highlights include radiohead, beck and green day✌🏼 I also love a wee hike, here’s me looking all windswept up a mountain.

I worked as a children’s physiotherapist for many years before leaving my job last year to make this my full time gig. you say midlife crisis, I say ballsy move probably time to get a drastic haircut and consider the meaning of life.

bye boring wedding photos, hello

City centre wedding

1. colour

living for the vibrant colours!

Dublin engagement shoot

2. creativity

taking a creative, modern approach

Lime Park wedding

3. fun

capturing all the fun, high-energy moments