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Kerry & Ross celebrated their engagement with a photo shoot at the BEAUTIFUL white rocks beach, portrush. The couple spend a fair bit of time up the north coast and they chose this beach as it is meaningful to them.

having a photo shoot can feel a bit INTIMIDATING if you’ve never had one before, but don’t sweat it! Here are a few tips to help you get fab photos and have thee best time while you’re at it.

you can also check out ross & kerry’s gallery below, I think you’ll agree they absolutely nailed their shoot!

Portrush Wedding Photographer

How to Plan Your engagement photo Shoot

Choose A Location

The first step in planning your ENGAGEMENT photo shoot is to consider which kind of location suits you best. City centre shoots can give a really cool vibe but if you’re looking for a more romantic feel, beach or forest shoots are a great option. My biggest piece of advice? Pick a location that has special meaning and sentimental value to you – that way, you’ll look back at your photos and be reminded of that wee connection to the place and each other!


  • Chat with your photographer about the best time of day for your session. They’ll probably suggest aiming for the golden hour before sunset for some seriously dreamy and romantic lighting. if the weather isn’t playing ball, don’t fret – shoots in the wind and rain can be just as romantic as long as you’re up for a wee adventure! If you don’t love the idea of rain, have a plan b location or back up date in mind.
  • If you’re feeling a bit nervous at the start of the session, that’s totally normal. i promise you those nerves will pass quickly! trust your photographer to take you through it and guide you on how to interact and engage with each other. it might be your first photo session but us photographers do this all the time, so let your photographer take the lead and show you how to get the best out of your session.
  • The key to getting natural and authentic photos is to just be yourselves and have fun! Forget any preconceived notions of how you should act or what you should do. you can Be playful, silly, romantic – whatever feels natural to you as a couple. no matter what your vibe is as a couple, The more you relax and enjoy the session, the better your photos will be!
  • So, take a deep breath, Embrace the moment and let your genuine wee selves shine through!

Coordinate Your Wardrobe

When it comes to engagement photo shoot outfits, the key is to be true to your personal style and feel confident in what you’re wearing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid overly matching or coordinated outfits and let your individual styles shine through!
  • Consider outfits that complement each other in terms of colour and style, without being too matchy-matchy.
  • Think about the location of the shoot and choose outfits that fit the setting. if you’re too cold this will show on your face, don’t be afriad to layer up with cosy accessories!
  • Opt for comfortable clothing that you feel good in – you want to be able to move and pose freely during the shoot.
  • Consider bringing a few outfit options to the shoot, so you can mix and match and find the perfect look.
  • lastly remember that the focus of the shoot is not on what your wearing, so just have fun and be yourselves and your love will shine through in every shot.
Portrush Wedding Photographer

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